Gaming & Hospitality

Gaming and hospitality ventures require a refined combination of visual impact, electronics savvy and structural integrity. Neal Electric engineers and technicians are specially trained in the integration of the multiple layers of circuitry that are required for every aspect of the casino. As the frequent liaison between power companies and the Native American tribes who own and operate the gaming establishments, Neal Electric is well positioned as an ideal partner for any gaming or hospitality franchise.




Brent Hughes

Group Manager | ROEL Construction Company

“The team that Neal Electric has assembled and assigned to this project has delivered on every commitment and then some to date. The level of professionalism, preconstruction and coordination services that have been provided from the 3D coordination drawings to the light fixture overlay coordinating five different lighting disciplines is setting the bar for others to be graded by.”

John Finn

Vice President | W.E. O’Neil Construction Company of California

“Neal Electric assumed a design/assist role in the Harrah’s Rincon Phase IV Expansion project at W.E. O’Neil Construction’s request. They were instrumental on the successful completion of this project. Their thorough review and coordination of the MEP’s (not just electrical) save the owner countless dollars on the project. Their dedication to the project and being a ‘team player’ made all involved better.”

Kevin Reynolds

President | Reynolds Project Management, Inc.

“Neal Electric was a successful part of the U.S. Grant Hotel renovation project. As a member of the design/build team, Neal Electric helped to push the design to its completion. Neal Electric’s hotel and electrical design experience helped the project design team to make informed and cost effective decisions.”