Electrical Systems Specialists For The Spectrum
Of Industry Need

Neal Electric began as a grassroots family business and has grown exponentially into a well-recognized force in the Southern California construction arena. As the organization has grown, so have our capabilities in a plethora of electrical specialty areas, including:

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Client Testimonials

Paul D. Dazé

Principal, Director of Acquisitions Century Park Partners, LLC
Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted to personally thank you and Neal for all the wonderful work you’ve done for us over the years. From the small issues to the larger ones (like the pole light replacement), your crews have always done a great job. We appreciate Neal’s professionalism and integrity… hard to find in many companies these days.”

Teri Ososkie

General Property Manager | Hines
San Diego, CA

“I would like to express my gratitude for a job very well done at La Jolla Commons.

As you know, your team responded to an emergency power outage at La Jolla Commons very early this morning. The short of it was that the building loss of power affected the lighting and outlet power resulting in disruption of 23 tenant businesses. The crew came in, assessed the damage and gave an initial estimate of potentially 24-hours or more to replace the damaged section of the bus duct. In assessing two sections of bus duct in the building’s critical parts inventory, they were able to determine that one section was unusable but the other section was able to be used to repair the damaged section. Due to the knowledge and quick efforts of your skilled electricians, once they were able to clean up the usable section and get the bus duct riser repaired in what I believe to be record time. The section was repaired by noon and we are able to restore the entire building shortly thereafter.

At Hines, we often talk about our valued partners, our vendors. In this instance, Neal Electric stands out as one of our extremely valued partners. We appreciate your quick response, your knowledgeable team members and your attention to our building by placing our call at the top of your list at 2:00 a.m. The staff that responded to the emergency should be commended. They were professional, extremely knowledgeable and worked towards a quick solution which allowed our tenants to get back to work much sooner than they had anticipated.”