Colin Jacobsen

Project Manager | T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.

“Neal Electric has worked on various projects with T.B. Penick & Sons and has proven to be an essential asset here at the “Performing Arts Center and Whole Site Modernization at Creative Performing and Media Arts School (CPMA).” Neal Electric’s $2.5 Million contract includes work relating to new and upgraded electrical and systems infrastructure, underground utilities, and controls for nine existing classroom buildings consisting of 152 rooms, as well as a state of the art Performing Arts Theater which includes intricate lighting and related mechanical and electrical systems. From the start of the project in July 2012, Neal Electric has been a valuable partner. Their leadership and experience is felt across the broad company spectrum allowing them to take a very proactive approach to their work and any issues that may arise from their work or the work of related trades. Neal Electric has become our “GO TO” subcontractor and has demonstrated the highest level of dependability. This dependability has become critical due to the complexity of working in an environment where buildings are occupied with teachers and children that rely on systems to maintain function during a complex construction project. Neal is always looking to help facilitate impacts to the project, both time and money. They bring added value with their experience to the project design as well, offering solutions and a level of problem solving seldom matched by their competitors. We here at T.B. Penick value their partnership. In summary, our relationship with Neal Electric goes beyond just CPMA. We have formulated a partnership that we believe will benefit all and look forward to many more years of working collaboratively together.”

Teri Ososkie

General Property Manager | Hines

“Neal Electric stands out as one of our extremely valued partners. We appreciate your quick response, your knowledgeable team members and your attention to our building by placing our call at the top of your list at 2:00 a.m. The staff that responded to the emergency should be commended. They were professional, extremely knowledgeable and worked towards a quick solution which allowed our tenants to get back to work much sooner than they had anticipated. We are proud and thankful to have you as a part of the Hines team. Again, thank you.”

Timothy W. Riopelle

President | Riopelle Development Company

“The projects that we have used Neal Electric on have always been on schedule and any changes have been met with fairness and professionalism. Their support staff allows them to get the material on site when required and they have enough manpower to keep a project moving when those materials arrive on site. When issues arise they bring them forward with solutions in trying to help maintain schedule. They understand the “critical path” and work hard to make sure their work does not affect the overall schedule.”

Tom Whaley

MEP Coordinator | Sundt Construction, Inc

“During the past 2 years it has been the dedication of all Neal’s employees involved to create 3-D, fully coordinated construction drawings. Neal Electric always included their field Superintendent in design issues insuring knowledge of design intent. This has resulted in proper sequencing of work with adequate manpower for completion on or before scheduled dates. I appreciate the cooperation and professional attitude Neal Electric has displayed on this very difficult project and would recommend them for any project they are proposing.”

Brent Hughes

Group Manager | ROEL Construction Company

“The team that Neal Electric has assembled and assigned to this project has delivered on every commitment and then some to date. The level of professionalism, preconstruction and coordination services that have been provided from the 3D coordination drawings to the light fixture overlay coordinating five different lighting disciplines is setting the bar for others to be graded by.”

Kevin Smart

Project Engineer | PCL Construction Services

“The staff at Neal Electric was very proficient using the Navis Work software for the MEP collision detection coordination process. Our project team appreciated Neal Electric’s ability to work as a team player and assist with design issue by providing proactive solutions.”

Chris A. Hess

VP of Operations | Lusardi Construction Company

“Lusardi Construction has worked with Neal Electric on dozens of deign-build projects over the last 12 years. They are proactive in finding solutions to difficult issues, always participate with great teamwork attitude, provide top-notch quality installations and stand behind their product in warranty and repair requests.”

Dick Plush

Saratoga West Condominiums, Solana Beach, CA

“I consistently observed courteous communication, thorough pre-planning, quality workmanship and timely follow-up. Your workers dealt with some very difficult old wiring and tedious ditching and the residents I have talked to were all impressed with the quality of your execution. The installation of motion-sensing lights to provide security for the end-unit condominiums on my street was done in a superb manner. You set the example for how quality work should be performed.”

Thomas Armstrong

Senior Project Manager | A.O. Reed & Co.

“We recently completed two successful cogeneration projects with Neal Electric that involved integrating new generation and associated equipment into existing facilities. We have worked with Neal Electric on numerous MEP coordination projects, which often time they have hosted the coordination. Neal Electric has always performed beyond expectation with great expertise and a professional attitude. Their knowledge, abilities, and resources in there personnel and equipment makes them an excellent choice for any project.”

Don Chandler

Senior Mechanical Coordinator | Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.

“I have no reservations over having selected Neal Electric for this project and have high hopes our next project to bid will have this same team in place to perform as flawlessly as they have on our Pomerado Hospital New Patient Tower. Working with Neal has been a pleasure throughout the course of the Pre-Construction Phase.”

Kevin Reynolds

President | Reynolds Project Management, Inc.

“Neal Electric was a successful part of the U.S. Grant Hotel renovation project. As a member of the design/build team, Neal Electric helped to push the design to its completion. Neal Electric’s hotel and electrical design experience helped the project design team to make informed and cost effective decisions.”

Jon Reedy

Senior Project Manager | Muska Electric Company

“It was a pleasure working with Neal Electric. With 14 of these projects going on at the same time throughout the country, your firm stood out to me as one of the best.”

Matt Scott

Area Manager | Kiewit Pacific Co.

“The quality of the electrical work by the field electricians was excellent and their ‘can do’ attitude in the face of what sometimes seemed to be insurmountable problems is to be commended. I would highly recommend any company to team up with Neal Electric and look forward to working with you again very soon.”

DPR Construction, Inc.

“DPR has worked with Neal Electric and their team on over 75 projects in the past 16 years. Neal’s entire team always had a can-do attitude and maintained a positive outlook when challenges arose. Their knowledgeable field effort led by Rick Hackett proved to be one of the highlights to achieve unbeaten quality. Neal’s team always had a keen eye on the overall schedule and they were instrumental in helping us achieve the Certificate of occupancy as promised.”

Randall S. Denton

P.E., Senior Electrical Engineer | CH2M Hill

“Neal Electric’s design package for the building facilities and site-wide duct banks met our expectations for an electrical contractor in a design-build project. Neal Electric had the design talent and CAD capabilities to create a thoroughly designed electrical, I&C and special systems integrated package.”

John Finn

Vice President | W.E. O’Neil Construction Company of California

“Neal Electric assumed a design/assist role in the Harrah’s Rincon Phase IV Expansion project at W.E. O’Neil Construction’s request. They were instrumental on the successful completion of this project. Their thorough review and coordination of the MEP’s (not just electrical) save the owner countless dollars on the project. Their dedication to the project and being a ‘team player’ made all involved better.”

Robert Nelson

MEP Coordinator | Swinerton Builder

“UCSD Mayer Hall – Addition is an 80,000 SF, ground up addition to an existing physics building including teaching labs, research labs, and office space. Due to the excessive amount of utilities serving the labs on each floor the decision was made to coordinate all MEPs with the 3D program NavisWorks. Neal Electric’s employees were well trained and knowledgeable with this program. Their detailer, as well as their field foreman, participated in the coordination process, which turned out to be a huge asset to the project. The end result, we minimized the amount of conflicts at the time of installation, allowing all trades involved to be efficient, productive and successful.”

Brent Hughes

Project Director | ROEL Construction Company, Inc.

“Neal Electric’s commitment to the schedule was excellent and exceeded our expectations. As the project ramped up and more working areas became available, all seemingly at the same time, Neal was able to staff the on site work force to facilitate and push the schedule. This type of cooperation and ability allowed the schedule to be meet and bettered. Additionally, the skill set of the work force was outstanding. There were very little punch list items or warranty items.

While maintaining a very large work force and an aggressive schedule Neal Electric never sacrificed safety. They had a fabulous safety record on the project and were always current with debris removal from the project.”

Paul Tate

Senior MEP Engineer | Mortenson Construction

“I would like to express my appreciation to the Neal Electric staff for the outstanding MEP coordination effort recently completed on the UCSD Price Center Expansion Project in San Diego. The time and effort invested up-front made all the difference. The 3-D detailing and interference cross-checking was key to a smooth project and satisfied client. The field installation is uniform and accurate and eye-appealing. The staff was responsive and timely.”

John Frisbie

Vice President | Johnson Consulting Engineers, Inc.

“We have had the privilege to work with Neal Electric for many years. We have completed several school projects together, and we currently have a great working relationship. Neal Electric has proven to be proactive in the construction phase, taking care of the minor changes without question, and always delivering on commitments to schedule and quality of work.”

Dennis Asti

Project Manager | C.W. Driver Builders

“Neal Electric is the electrical subcontractor for the electric and telephone/data scope of work on the currently under construction Palomar College High Technology Laboratory/Classroom Project. This project consists of approximately 106,000 square feet of natural science laboratories. To date, Neal Electric has done a fine job and I would not hesitate to have them on another project of similar size and complexity.”

Michael Medford

Senior Project Manager | Archer Western Contractors, Ltd.

“The outstanding professionalism demonstrated by all of Neal’s employes is one of the main reasons for this projects success, and for that Archer Western is extremely thankful. In addition to fulfilling all of the contract requirements, we have completed over 140 changes within this duration and a large portion of these were performed by Neal Electric.”